This month, there was a smaller than usual turnout, so we could only afford to try 2 bottles. I have had Elijah Craig barrel-proof whiskey before, and I figured if we could only have 2 bottles we should try one that has more than average kick to it. We’ve also been trying to make sure everyone gets fed at the end of our club, so we budget in some cash for food. This month we made jalapeno popper burgers.

Michter’s Small Batch American Whiskey

Overall – 7/10 – burn – 5/10

(Specs) age N/A| 41.7% or 83.4 proof | 750 ML $46.45

(Distiller) Michter’s, Louisville, Kentucky

(Notes) This is a pretty straightforward whiskey. There isn’t a whole lot of complexity, but the simple tastes are bold and easy to cope with. Most of the comments were about how smooth and easy it is to drink as opposed to the actual taste. It’s light and decent. Here are some of the flavors we identified –

sweet, roses, buttered corn, light cherry, salted butter, and melon

(Aftertaste) clean, simple, not heavy

Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Proof Bourbon

Overall – 6.8/10 – burn – 8.6

(Specs) age N/A| 68.5% or 131 proof | 750 ML $59.95

(Distiller) Elijah Craig, Bardstown, Kentucky

(Notes) This bottle of whiskey is a much higher proof than what we usually drink, as is typical of barrel-proof whiskey. The jarring effect of such a strong burn was a bit too much for some of our members. However, after adding an ice cube a general consensus was met that the whiskey was very sweet and delicious. Here are some of the flavors we identified –

honey, earthy, oatmeal, floral, brown sugar, oak, cinnamon, peanut

(Aftertaste) nobody made any comments about the aftertaste except for the intense burning sensation and the sense that heartburn was on its way.

For the Foodies

This month we made jalapenon popper burgers. It’s diced jalapeno and shredded cheddar rolled in cream cheese and then stuffed into burgers. This is an ideal thing to eat with these whiskeys.

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