This is a table of our current rankings. A short explanation for the categories we rank on is listed at the end of this page, so check there if anything seems confusing.

whiskeyburnscoreEstimated Valuetasting_orderYear
Jefferson's Very Small Batch4.677.50$45.0022019
Blanton's, third tasting5.178.67$59.0032019
Baker's, third tasting7.677.17$48.0032019
Jefferson's Very Small Batch3.708.8012018
Blanton's, second tasting3.638.5022018
Baker's, second tasting5.008.0022018
Clyde May's Straight Bourbon6.567.89$43.3712018
old potrero2.307.6012018
Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey7.117.44$44.3812018
Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey5.837.33$46.3312018
basil hayden's, second tasting3.637.2522018
Ghost Owl3.307.1612018
Blade & Bow6.007.00$35.0012018
Breckenridge High Proof5.177.00$43.6712018
Bulleit 10 year6.717.00$49.5012018
Colonol E.H Taylor Small Batch6.007.0012018
Elijah Craig8.606.8012018
Russel's 6 year rye4.306.8012018
Hudson Baby Bourbon4.206.7012018
Stein Rye 5-year4.706.6012018
Yellow Stone Select7.206.60$32.5012018
I.W. Harper4.456.5522018
Washington Wheat Whiskey4.006.3012018
beer barrel bourbon4.865.86$41.6712018
Bird Dog Select5.865.43$29.2912018
Woodinville Bourbon Whiskey2.835.33$31.0012018
Broken Top Bourbon Whiskey3.834.50$29.6012018
Bird Dog Blended5.004.20$18.0012018
Ransom Rye, Barley, and Wheat Whiskey4.753.8712018
basil hayden's4.008.5012017
Yellow Stone 1015.008.4012017
Few Bourbon5.608.0012017
Eagle Rare5.007.6022017
I.W. Harper3.807.6012017
Bowman Brothers5.207.5012017
Red Breast 12-year Irish Whiskey4.337.5012017
Bird Dog Small Batch5.676.6712017
Eagle Rare4.206.6012017
I.W. Harper 156.006.57$69.5012017
1792 Small Batch6.006.5012017
David Nicholson 18426.436.29$36.4312017
1776 Straight Rye4.806.2012017
Alchemy Bourbon Whiskey4.436.1412017
buffalo trace4.006.0012017
High West Prairie Bourbon5.006.00$33.0012017
Knob Creek Small Batch6.135.5012017
Stein Bourbon 5-year5.285.4212017
Evan William's Single Barrel6.004.5012017
Rebecca Creek5.564.22$33.7512017
Bowman Brothers Small Batch5.446.22$25.6322019
Four Roses Small Batch6.005.22$29.3812019
Angel's Envy5.895.11$27.8812019
  • Burn
    • Burn is ranked on a scale of 1 to 10. I usually say, “0 is the burn you would associate with a glass of water, and 10 is shooting fireball or hot damn.”
  • Score
    • Score is ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst ever and 10 being the best you’ve ever had. In general, a 5 is a decent score and is considered the exact average whiskey.
  • Club Average Value
    • This is what the taster thinks the whiskey is worth in dollars. Basically, if you were a store owner, what do you think it would be fair to charge for this bottle? In general, we operate on the assumption of a 750 Ml bottle.
  • Tasting
    • We taste some whiskeys multiple times to see if our opinions change. This is the number of times we’ve tasted when the scores in the given row were taken.
  • Year
    • This is the year we tasted the whiskey.
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