Bird Dog Select Stock

Western Spirits, Bowling Green, KY

Bird Dog select stock kentucky bourbon whiskey
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5.43 / 10


5.86 / 10


Age: N/A

ABV: 40% or 80 proof

Price: (Oregon State): 750 ML $28.95

(Value) Our club average value placed on this bottle was $29.29

(Flavors) vanilla, baking spice, honey, brown sugar, red licorice, maple, marshmallows, peaty**, grassy, peanut, toffee, rosemary, basil, thyme; very bitter aftertaste

(Notes) This is far from our first bottle from the line of Bird Dog whiskeys. Our first experience with the green labeled bottle was such a positive experience, we keep going back and hoping for another surprise. This was another disappointing experience. All of the reviews started with, “Wow, this smells great and tastes wonderful.” and ended with, “What happened? Is this the same whiskey?” It’s weird for a whiskey to get worse as you drink it, but this is the exception. Something about the aftertaste and the follow-on flavors just doesn’t hold up.


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