Woodinville Straight Bourbon

Cascade Street Distillery, Sisters, OR


5.33 / 10


2.83 / 10


Age: N/A

ABV:  45% or 90 proof

Price (Oregon State): 750 ML  $39.95

(Value) Our club average value placed on this bottle was $31.00

(Flavors) Bread, red wine, granola, raisins, cranberries, maple, pear

(Notes) While this one had some really unique and tasty flavors, they were fleeting and not all that noticeable. One of the most common phrases heard during this part of the tasting was, “I don’t really taste anything.” It’s easy to drink and has one of the lowest scores we’ve ever seen for burn, but that just isn’t all that impressive from a 90 proof whiskey with such a light flavor.

With the flavors included, it probably wouldn’t be great in an old fashioned or Manhattan. It may be more suited to a more exotic whiskey-based cocktail and certainly isn’t that impressive by itself. It’s worth trying, but most of us wouldn’t go out of our way to buy it at this price point.


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