Jefferson's Very small batch

Jefferson's Bourbon


7.5 /10


4.67 / 10


Age: Age (blended bourbons various ages)

ABV:  41% or 82.3 proof

Price (Oregon State): 750 ML  $33.95

(Value) Our club average value placed on this bottle was $45.00

(Flavors) apple, charcoal, light corn, sweet, fresh, spicy, woodsy, light peat, brûléed sugar, copper, butter, grass, hickory, fresh cut paper.

(Notes) This whiskey is a great entry-level bourbon. For the price, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better. If you come by one of the other bottles from the Jefferson line give those a shot too. For those of us in our club that have tried them, Jefferson’s comes as a highly recommended group of whiskeys.


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jefferson's very small batch bourbon whisskey
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