Bull Run 10-Year Pinot Noir Barrel Finish

Bull Run, Portland, OR


5.2/ 10


 5.2/ 10


Age: 10 + 21 month finish

ABV:  50% ABV or 100 proof

Price (Oregon State): 750 ML  $34.95

(Value) Our club average value placed on this bottle was $28.60

(Flavors) ball point pen ink, potato chips, blueberry, decaying leaves, raisins, floral, wine, bananas foster, anise, dirt, grass, leather, wine, roses

(Notes) We haven’t had much luck with whiskeys that have a finish in another barrel, and frankly this one didn’t break the streak. We probably won’t venture into much more of these weird novelty ‘finished’ whiskeys again.

First, the smell – This whiskey smells amazing. We all agreed that it would make a great candle.

The first sip – Everyone’s faces puckered a little on the first sip. The common remark was, “Wow. This doesn’t taste at all like it smells.”

The second sip – Most of us thought, this got a little better on the second sip, maybe there’s some complexity to this we just weren’t ready for.

The third sip – Nope. With one exception we were all bitterly against this after a third sip. The one person who said he liked it compared it to secretly liking Katy Perry and feeling guilty for liking something that he knows just isn’t good.

You may find you like this bottle, and maybe it’s a great quality. As a bourbon, our club just didn’t like it. It’s pretty different though, and I don’t regret trying it. Nothing against Bull Run either, this one just didn’t thrill us.

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Bull Run 10 year pinot barrel finish
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